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Our Rope Access Services

Rope access provides a fast, safe and economic option to scaffolding alternatives and is sometimes the only practical solution for working at height both inside and out. Our experience includes most industrial sectors including Construction and Civil engineering.

Beyond Limits UK skills range from Inspection and Maintenance through to geotechnical and environmental operations. With our specialist rope access knowledge and experience we make the difficult problems practical, manageable and most of all, safe.

The real benefits of Industrial Rope Access are:

  • Rope access technicians can often accomplish, in a matter of hours, works which previously took days to complete using conventional methods.
  • Using Rope Access can provide unobtrusive cost effective access.
  • Rope access often offers greater flexibility for rescheduling and can therefore take advantage of weather conditions.
  • Equipment can be installed and derigged rapidly to ensure minimum disruption and therefore could reduce overall lead time on projects.
  • Other trades can generally continue their works without disruption at ground level compared to other access methods i.e Scaffolding.
  • Rope Access leaves less of a carbon footprint and is more environmentally sound.

We make the difficult problems practical, manageable and safe.

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